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Shady Grove Fertility


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About Us

SGF is a leading fertility and IVF center of excellence focusing on improving patients’ overall experience and pregnancy outcomes.
“The patient comes first” is at the center of our philosophy at Shady Grove Fertility. We fervently believe that any decision we make from the perspective of serving the patient will ultimately be the best choice. Therefore, we remain dedicated to delivering exceptional service from all areas of the organization.
At Shady Grove Fertility we are fully committed to addressing and supporting all of the needs of our patients. We are committed to providing the most comprehensive, efficient, fiscally responsible, and compassionate care possible, involving both the medical and emotional aspects of infertility.
Based on our patient satisfaction survey results, 96% of our patients would recommend Shady Grove Fertility to a family member or friend.
At Shady Grove Fertility, we base our treatment recommendations on a variety of circumstances including your test results, age, medical history, previous fertility treatment, and personal preferences. With this many variables, it becomes clear why each treatment plan is customized to the unique needs of each patient. The goal for us is to offer you the best chance of pregnancy while balancing the ability to offer the least expensive, least complex treatment possible.
We have additional locations in Buckhead, Marietta and Alpharetta to can offer flexibility for monitoring appointments. We also offer telemedicine for initial appointments. Our goal is to provide acces to care.