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Indoor Billboard Network - GA, LLC


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About Us

We have brought the concept of Digital Billboards outdoors to indoors. The reason we did this is that we recognize that 60% - 70% of any company’s revenue comes from repeat business; a third of new business comes from “Word of Mouth” and Referrals. Our Digital Indoor Billboard Network concept has given businesses the opportunity to extend their name, brand and customer experience outside of their business and give them the ability to be in front of their customers wherever they may be. Allowing them to be top of mind, relevant and more importantly trigger that word of mouth and referral that every business works for.

Promote your business in one, two or several of our Host Partner locations. Be exclusive or semi-exclusive in any Host Partner location.
Become a Host Partner
Get your own screen that promotes your own content at the same time playing your business in other non-competitive Host Partner locations.
Closed Network Partner
Get your own dedicated screen that showcases only your content while at the same time promoting your business in other Host Partner locations.


Indoor Billboard Network Screen at Savvy Cellars
Indoor Billboard Network Screen at Taki Japanese Steakhouse