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Casi Cielo Sandy Springs

Casi Cielo Sandy Springs

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About Us

Casi Cielo is a Oaxacan inspired restaurant with our main focus on traditional Mexican cuisine with a modern take on food. Oaxaca is province of Mexico located on the Pacific Southwestern coastline and hails praise for its indigenous cultures, vibrant lifestyles, unique landscape, and beautiful beaches. Due to its region there are several taste that are unique to the area because of the presence of their rich volcanic soil. This excellent piece of land allows many diverse methods for preparing delicious food with unmatched flavor. The smokiness of the volcanic ash makes it a perfect land for making Mezcal which will be a premium liquor for our handcrafted cocktails. We strive to establish traditional methods of putting love and care into the food that we serve.


  • Mezcal
  • Oaxaca
  • Mexico


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