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Donna Adams Mahaffey Scholarship

Applicant Information:
Parent/Guardian Name (if applicant is under 18)
Check if applicant address is the same as parent/guardian above.
Applicant Mailing Address
High School Currently Attending (select one) *
Number of Years Attending This School, Including Current Year (Note: students must attend this school for a minimum of two years) *
I am a US Citizen or have Permanent Resident Alien Status. (Upon request, I will provide the Scholarship Committee with a social security number.) *
I have completed the FASFA form and have an ID. *
Part III: Non-Relative Recommendations
Applicants must provide two (2) typewritten personal letters of recommendation from non-relatives (max 500 words). Non-relatives include employers, teachers, pastors, etc.
Name of Non-Relative Recommendation #1
Address of Non-Relative Recommendation #1
Name of Non-Relative Recommendation #2
Address of Non-Relative Recommendation #2
Part IV: Consent Form
You may fax, mail, or email consent form. See link on Scholarship page.
Additional Information
The Scholarship Committee may request additional information. Additional information can be sent via email or mailed to: The Donna Adams Mahaffey Scholarship, c/o Sandy Springs Perimeter Civic Fund, Attention: Lena Liebrecht, 1000 Abernathy Road, Suite L10, Sandy Springs GA 30328 | Phone: 678.443.2990 | Email: